2020/02/15 12:00:00


HRH has been staging festivals and residential events for over 13 years now, our cult Metal community comes from every corner of the world, love their Music and would die to keep hold of a special set of Mates that tick every box in their Metal World.

2016 witnessed HRH opening up city experiences, where we take over historical music venues, capture every hotel on the door step and rebrand them to HRH Hotels, so we can do “our thing “. These included HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner & HRH NWOBHM, both parked in Sheffield and both Sold Out in under 7 weeks. HRH Metal made its debut Feb 2017, Veni, Vidi, Vici, …We came, We Saw and we conquered Birmingham with a 4000 strong HRH Metal Horde.

HRH Metal II & III, did the same again, smashed it by selling out months in advance. So now comes, the all important Cycle 4 which will visit every genre of Metal out there and select a horde of bands from around the planet to come and descend into the Realms of Brumm and do what HRH does best, put on a legendary annual event, curated and programmed by the HRH Metal community. We’re looking at new bands as well as worldwide breaking bands, bands on their 2nd / 3rd release, coming together with a nice selection of classic metal on top to create Chapter 4 of HRH Metal, as curated by you lot.

We feel this one, as everything else we’ve launched, will go at a very accelerated rate , hence the heads up.  No fields, no dodgy weather, it’s all indoors.  If your not local, you can have your own quality gaffs with fully equipped toilets, TV,  heating n showers in tow at one of the HRH Hotels at the right price.. And everything within a stones throw from the arenas and fun. If you are local, then you know where we are. Be rest assured we will have the full Metal spectrum catered for and after this year’s Hammerfest success, we know exactly what you will be needing to take it to the next level !!..after all , you lot asked for it….and let’s face it, you know what you want.

3 Arenas, 2 Days n Nights of Solid Metal, To secure your ticket or Hotel book online @ www.hrhmetal.com or Ring 0207 193 1164.

There’s only one way to start 2020 in style, and that’s @ The HRH Metal, Metal Meltdown,

Raise the Shield Wall, lock em tight and march…. The HRH Oathsworn have all been summoned yet again.

See you on the deck, hoist the banner, and let’s get this show on the road…

HRH Watchtower