Commercial Opportunities

Want to get your brand out to the masses?  Want to see what commercial opportunities are available to you and your company? Want your brand name noticed?

There are various possibilities, from the simplest level of advertising to a designated space at the event for exposition. 

  • Logo presence on website, e-marketing, and print both before and at the event
  • Push marketing via social media pre-event as you wish
  • HRH Bible App marketing
  • HRH Radio advertising
  • HRH Magazine advertising
  • A5 ad in event programme
  • 30 second ad on in-house TV channel at the event on the big screens
  • Flyers in goody bags
  • Designated space for exposition of new products at the event
  • Named arena sponsorship

For all commercial opportunities please contact:

Toby Winch
Tel +44 (0)207 097 8698